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Boat Repair and Hurricane Preparedness



Everyone knows that the best place for a boat to be during a hurricane is far, far out at sea. Without the shore and rocks to run into, a hurricane is nothing but a strong gale. Batten down the hatches and ride it out.

If you cannot get your vessel out into deep water where it belongs, you are in trouble. Hurricane preparedness is difficult enough without worrying about things like boats and piers, which are easily the most vulnerable man-made objects during a hurricane. A boat is designed to catch wind and ride waves. When the wind is pushing the craft onto the shore and the waves are sending your boat someplace where you absolutely do not want it to go, then there is every reason to expect major property damage.

A well-maintained boat is a necessary part of any serious hurricane preparedness scheme. Your craft must have the ability and agility to ride the storm out at sea, and if you cannot do that with your boat, then you will need it to be in the best possible condition in order to survive the worst that nature can throw at it. It would be better if the boat was not in the water at all, but safely stored somewhere inland with its hull up and a well-fortified structure around it. If you have no choice but to leave your boat in the water during a hurricane, routine maintenance has never been more important. If your craft is not in tip-top condition, then the weather will find its weakest point and exploit it ruthlessly. If there are leaks in your hull, expect to find your boat at the bottom of the water. If there are problems with the stays or the ties, then your vessel may very well end up far inland. Whatever you do, do not leave the sails on the mast, or even on the craft if you can avoid it. They are designed to catch the wind, and during a hurricane that is the last thing you want them to do.

If you do not have the luxury or the wherewithal to take your craft far out to sea during the hurricane, your best bet is a marina or a full-service marine facility. They are specifically designed to help your vessel survive the hurricane. Here are some of the many advantages they provide:

• Safe storage
• Strong, weather-resistant buildings
• Easily available maintenance staff
• Thorough knowledge of hurricane preparedness
• Competent personnel on site to help resist the store

A quality marina is your ship's best chance at survival. Take the maintenance and storage of your vessel seriously, and ride the storm out with ease.


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