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Haven't you heard? Life is Better on a Boat!

Life Is Better On A Boat

Buying a boat doesn't have to be such a stressful decision for you and your family to make.  In fact, after reading our Boat-onomics 101 piece, it will be one of your easiest decisions you'll ever make.  Of course prices for new boats vary depending on size and make, but many boat manufacturers and dealers can put you in the captain’s chair for considerably less than a monthly new-car payment. In fact, monthly payments for many entry-level boats can be less than $200.

When you take a look at our cost comparison tool, you will be able to compare the cost of boating to other leisure family activities. I love selecting the activity of a theme park vacation or a baseball game to compare the cost of owning a boat.  It really helps put boating in perspective.  It's attainable.

Plus, your boat is not just for a weekend, it's for a lifetime of memories!



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